Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I will give details on Thursday, 1/30/14.  This trip was in our syllabus so no permission slips are required.
We will be traveling by School bus to Bittersweet School.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Research Web Sites Nuclear Waste in Granger?

Sites for research for Plate Tectonic Socratic Seminar

Weather/climate in the Granger area

Population information.

You can use Google to see a map of Granger. In this case (only for maps) you can site Google Maps as a source.

For comparison, you should see where the closest nuclear power plant (Cook Nuclear) is, near Bridgeman, MI. (It is just north of the Bridgeman area.)

Weather/climate near Cook Nuclear Power Plant

Population information near Cook Nuclear

Earthquake map

Information about nuclear waste shipping and storing in Illinois

A question to ask yourself is, “Why would a location want to store nuclear waste?”

Other helpful sites include the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, at and the Environmental Protection Agency at