Important Information

2013-2014 7th Science Syllabus Mrs. Toth
The Link above will allow you to print a copy of the Syllabus.

On Line Textbook
Login as: STUDENT Enter your USERNAME (dms30)and PASSWORD (stoth) to log in. You have access to 7th Grade Science.-Online textbook

This is a link to our curriculum support site.  Students can find activity links for our Units.

Friday February 7, 2014 Body Works Assessment and Completed Study Guide is due.
Make sure you have completed all AQ for Act 14,15,17, and graded and corrected your answers.

Remember if you are absent the agenda's are in the yellow folder on the counter and the necessary handouts are also on the counter.  Make sure you check with the people at your table for what was missed and to get any necessary Lab Data.  It is also advised that you make sure you read through the Activities that you missed to make sure you understand the concepts presented for that day.

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