Monday, September 23, 2013


All students have completed the following assessments and grades have been entered:

 Scientific Method Quiz-- 10 points.  Students who scored 7 or below are required to complete study information, get parent signature and turn in evidence of studying to take the retest. Any student may choose to complete this same work and retest for a better score.

Retest is scheduled during 7th grade lunch on Friday, September 27, 2013.  All evidence of the study work as well as Parent signature is required for a retest to be allowed.

I recommend that students taking the retest bring their lunch so they will have ample time to complete the retest.

Lab Notebook Check Act 1-5---15 points    This is a check of organization and accurate completion of the Science Lab notebook.  There are no retakes for this assessment.

Information Strip on Claims, Evidence, and the Scientific Method: -10 points All students were given a 4 inch strip of white paper with specific directions to complete using color, words, drawings to share what they understand about the topic.  These have been posted outside my classroom and can be seen at Parent Conferences

Below are links to quiz sites and videos that students can use to prepare for their scientific method retake quiz.  I know they are a little out of order.  Watch part 1 before part 2, and scroll down to see the Mr. Edmunds videos again.  
Videos Part 1 and Part 2
The first one is a person setting up a simple experiment with various things (variables) controlled and an independent variable. He says a couple of things incorrectly. First he makes it sound like the cup of salt water is the independent variable. He does then say it correctly as whether or not it has salt. He also says that the result is the dependent variable. However, it is more accurate to say that what is measured in the outcome is the dependent variable. You should be able to identify the variables before actually conducting the experiment.

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