Monday, March 10, 2014

Cell Biology: The Essential Questions Study These!!

Cell Biology Unit Test Friday 3/17/14.
Cell Biology Study Guide Due 3/14/14-end of class
Cell Analogy Project Due 3/17/14 at end of class.

Essential Questions you need to be able to answer completely for your Unit Test

1. Can you name the parts of the microscope?
2. Can you explain how to use a microscope and put it away appropriately?
3. Can you explain the importance of the Germ Theory of Disease?
4. What is the unit of life-- all living organisms are made of what? Cell Theory?
5. What is meant by cell differentiation in a multicellular organism?
6. How can a cell create another cell?
7. Why does Bread Rise?
8. Can you explain cellular respiration and how it applies to our red blood cells and the human body cells?
9. Why are Cells So Small?
10. What is surface area and how does it affect absorption?
11. What is the function of the cell membrane?
12. What are the organelles found in plant and animal cells.
13. What are the functions of these cell organelles?
14. Can you explain the differences between plant and animal cells?

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